• Business Process Improvement

  • Organization Communication

  • Change Facilitation

  • Mentorship Facilitation

  • Fixed Asset Management Services

  • Project Management

  • OpenAsset Fixed Asset Management Software

  • Project Governance

  • Verification exercise

  • Business Case Preparation

Project Governance

Proper I.T. governance in now a must in organisations and it must incorporate transparency, risk management and the responsible use of resources. Target, results and returns on investment also need to be communicated effectively.

Project governance will also help you to;

  • Outline the relationships between all internal and external groups involved in the project.
  • Describe the proper flow of information regarding the project to all stakeholders.
  • Ensure the appropriate review of issues encountered within each project.
  • Ensure that required approvals and direction for the project is obtained at each appropriate stage of the project.
  • Ensure a compelling business case, stating what the objects of the project are and specifying what aspects are in scope and what are out of scope.
  • Help identify all stakeholders with an interest in the project.

Project roles and responsibilities are clearly assigned.