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The mentor is typically more experienced than her or her protégé. He or she possesses the wisdom that only experience can provide. The protégé is someone who is looking to move up the career ladder, usually following in the footsteps of the mentor. The relationship benefits both mentor and protégé. The protégé receives guidance and helpful advice while the mentor benefits from the opportunity to strengthen her or her leadership skills.

Mentoring relationships may be formal or informal but it is important to match the protégé a mentor with similar goals or on the same career path. Both the mentor and the protégé must be prepared to give time to nurturing the relationship.

Corporate mentoring programs can meet such challenges as addressing diversity, preparing current and future leaders and retaining high performers.

While research, case studies, and executive testimonials all support the strategic value of mentoring for business results, organizations still face the challenging task of implementing their program effectively.

We will help you to;


  • Assess organizational readiness for mentoring.
  • Plan for a successful implementation focused on business results.
  • Assess the skills of mentors and mentees.
  • Develop strategies for matching mentors and mentees.
  • Orient executives to their roles in supporting mentoring.


  • Orient managers, mentors, and mentees.
  • Provide a process to guide the activities of mentors and mentees.
  • Provide training tools for mentors and mentees.


  • Measure results based on original business goals.