OpenAsset Fixed Asset Management Software

OpenAsset Asset Management software provides you with an easy-to-manage single version of the truth for your assets. It enables you to maintain and control the complete asset lifecycle across depreciating or non-depreciating assets from creation to depreciation, revaluation and disposal. OpenAsset supports detailed asset management including insurance, while providing tight integration that creates accounting entries and fixed assets from purchases ensuring that no equipment slips through the cracks.

OpenAsset is a web-based fixed asset management system ideal for any organization that requires remote access to its asset register. This software is a convenient, web-based fixed asset register where assets can be added, deleted or edited from any PC with Internet or Intranet access.

  • Handles an unlimited number of assets, companies, and users
  • All data is maintained in one central location for simple consolidation, removing the need to copy, move or merge files
  • Built-in tax and depreciation  expertise Standardize asset types, methods, user-defined fields, filters, and reports that are used-minimizing the risk of both international and inadvertent differences

With OpenAsset Fixed Assets Software, tax departments can optimize their fixed asset management and depreciation process. OpenAsset provides accurate depreciation calculations, expert guidance, and timely regulatory updates that enable tax and accounting professionals to maximize their productivity.

OpenAsset is a tested and proven asset management software solution that integrates best asset tracking practices; bar coding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), data importing and organizes it all in a scalable database repository.

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