We help our clients implement new projects, and / or to assess the performance of ongoing projects. We work with project teams as an outside catalyst, to stimulate permanent improvements within our client’s organisation.

Project Management

Services Provided

  • Project Feasibility Studies.
  • Project Appraisals.
  • Project Management Training - in tools, techniques, planning, management, risk management, reporting, and inter-personal skills.
  • Auditing problem projects - provision of independent audit of project management practices on live projects, making recommendations for corrective action, and providing support and coaching to Project Managers.
  • Risk management - supporting clients in the identification, mitigation and management of project risks.

Project Governance

Proper I.T. governance in now a must in organisations and it must incorporate transparency, risk management and the responsible use of resources. Target, results and returns on investment also need to be communicated effectively.

Project governance will also help you to;

  • Outline the relationships between all internal and external groups involved in the project.
  • Describe the proper flow of information regarding the project to all stakeholders.
  • Ensure the appropriate review of issues encountered within each project.
  • Ensure that required approvals and direction for the project is obtained at each appropriate stage of the project.
  • Ensure a compelling business case, stating what the objects of the project are and specifying what aspects are in scope and what are out of scope.
  • Help identify all stakeholders with an interest in the project.

Project roles and responsibilities are clearly assigned.

Business Case Preparation

One of the most important steps in projects that are constantly under looked is the preparation of a compelling business case. A large number of projects in organisations have no business cases at all or business cases that are not compelling enough.

We will provide you with a complete step-by-step approach for preparing business cases. We define an approach for cost-benefit analysis & business case development that will significantly reduce the frustration experienced within your company. At the heart of our methodology is a comprehensive set of templates and instructions designed specifically for project teams, analysts and managers. Given in mostly non-financial language, project managers (and the individuals "volunteered" to prepare the business cases) will appreciate step-by-step guidance on how to thoroughly analyze a project proposal. Ther analysis is essential not only to convince management that the project idea is a good one but to validate for the project team (and sponsor) that the 

project is also a good strategic fit/investment for the company.

Our methodology stresses that returns are not just limited to financial returns. They include many non-financial elements as well. We emphasize the people-side of project planning such as doing an organizational impact analysis and a project team member analysis. These activities all contribute to yielding greater non-financial returns such as improved teamwork, better communication and higher morale. Although difficult to quantify, they are generally acknowledged to lead to greater efficiency and more profits for the company in the medium and long term.

We will how to;

  • Financially justify your project to key business leaders.
  • Write a business case that concisely presents the benefits of change.
  • Assess the financial impacts of your solution including calculating Net Present Value (NPV) and ROI.
  • Assess feasibility of projects.

 The end result of ther methodology is the creation of a professional business case that will enjoy a far smoother ride toward approval and ultimate success in implementation, which is what senior management and shareholders care about most.

Project Health Check and Project Appraisal

At many instances in the life of a project you need to take careful look at how the project is running in terms of governance and progress.

            We will; 

  • Conduct Project Health checks on your existing projects.
  • Provide a full report on the governance and progress of the project.
  • Provide independent audit of project management practices on live projects or completed projects.
  • Provide support and coaching to Project Managers.

Project Facilitation

How do you lead a group of people through a process to arrive at a solution acceptable to everyone? Whether you are leading a task team, establishing performance objectives in a quality team, or working with executives through strategic planning - the key is effective facilitation techniques. We provide professional facilitators who lead teams through strategic planning, process improvement, issue resolution, and information needs analysis.

We will:

  • Help you clarify the goals for your session so that they are clear, concise, meaningful and achievable.
  • Develop a proposed agenda for the meeting using the facilitation tools that are best suited to your goals and your situation.
  • Provide a facilitator for the session so that everyone on your team can participate fully.
  • Facilitate the session to keep the group on track.
  • Document the meeting so that key discussions and action plans are captured.
  • Follow-up with you after the session to ensure that issues are taken care of.