Business Process Improvement

Enterprises are driven by and organised around business processes. Activities within a business process are the foundational building blocks of the enterprise where value is created, where the majority of resources are consumed and is the point of connection with customers, vendors and business partners.

Efficient and effective processes contribute to responsive, productive and profitable enterprises. Unfortunately, business processes in many organizations consist of a complex web of inefficient, outdated and redundant activities and burdensome business rules and practices that hinder enterprise performance.

Regrettably, these same processes, in many cases, serve as the basis for defining application development business and user requirements.

Informers Systems will undertake a full audit of the organisation processes and how these can be reengineered streamlined to provide you with an edge over your competitors. These processes will be documented fully with an appropriate tool like ARIS and benchmarked against similar processes worldwide. Develop process maps that clearly depict how your business really works

  • Learn analysis techniques that quickly identify process gaps.
  • Discover tactics that you can immediately apply to improve your business processes.
  • Capture and clearly communicate business rules and practices.
  • Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes.
  • Identify and prioritize your business processes.
  • Differentiate process refinement, redesign and reengineering.
  • Align I.T. strategy and business process strategy.
    • Organize and lead your team in mapping, analysis and improvement.
    • Plan, conduct and implement process change.
    • Become familiar with process analysis tools.
    • Identify and analyze internal and external cross-functional process interfaces.